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Why Choose Us?

On a global scale, the market of various measuring and testing equipment is competitive but despite that, we have been able to lead our business. Following are the factors which set up apart from everyone else:

  • We keep ourselves updated with the newest technological advancements.
  • We only deliver those products which are conforming to international quality standards.
  • We keep the price range of our goods including Digital Display Ohmmeter, Digital OHM Comparator Meter, etc., much more reasonable than our competitors.


We have been accredited with the below mentioned certifications:

  • ISO 9001-2008 which was certified at Osaka Main office, Yokohama Head office, Tokyo office, 
  • Nagoya office and Shiga plant.
  • ISO 14001-2004 which was certified at Osaka Main office and Shiga plant.

Our Team

The team of experts we have recruited in our company has always worked with greatest efficiency. In our team, we have various designers, engineers and other highly skilled professionals who all work collectively and carry out every single activity with perfection. The team ensures that our customers receive only the best products like Digital OHM Comparator Meter, Digital Display Ohmmeter, etc. In addition to providing top-notch solutions to the customers, our team ensures that they are treated with respect and sincerity.


The history of our company is as follows:

  • 1948- We started the manufacturing processes at Tsuruga Electric and began developing electric panel meter.
  • 1958- We relocated to the present head office based at Osaka.
  • 1961- The Osaka plant was designated as JIS7979 authorized factory.
  • 1962- We established a sales office in Tokyo.
  • 1966- We established a new factory in Shiga.
  • 1980- Yokohama sales building was built and here, production was started and after sale service was initiated.
  • 1984- Shiga Plant was rebuilt and expanded, and a sales office in Nagoya was established.
  • 1991- Yokohama head office was built.
  • 1992- Name of the company was renamed to Tsuruga Electric Co., Ltd.
  • 1998- Head office building was rebuilt.
  • 2002- Shiga plant was certified with ISO9002.
  • 2003- Shiga plant received the ISO9001 certification.
  • 2005- Osaka head office and Shiga plant were accredited with ISO14001 certification.
  • 2010- ISO9001 certification was given to Osaka Head office, Yokohama office, Tokyo office & Nagoya office.

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